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While each session has a specific theme, we always offer lots of time outside, circus arts, visual art and space to work on a collaborative performance at the end of the week. This happens from 3-3:30 every Friday, weather permitting. Most weeks we  field trip to swimming areas and other locations. Ours is a child-led program; when kids are especially excited about something, their interest helps shape the curriculum. 

Please note, our registration process has changed this year to streamline the experience. Please reach out if you need assistance or have any questions.  


We have increased prices this year both to address an increase in expenses and to enhance the quality of our summer program. The money will go to supplies and more extensive training for teachers. We're committed to providing the best experience for your children. As always, payment plans are available to everyone. 

Aftercare is available until 5PM for an additional $10/ 30 min




Ages 7-12*
June 3 - July 26
(No camp July 1 - July 12th)

Monday - Friday, 9 - 3
Located at Boulder Valley Waldorf School
$510/ Week
Payment Plans Available!


*We will take children who are 6 following a conversation with a parent about readiness and the activities that can be challenging for younger kids. We have found that some 6 year olds are totally ready for camp and others may need another year. 



Ages 7-13
August 5th - August 16th
Monday - Friday, 9 - 3
Located in Nottingham, NH
$400/ week
Payment Plans Available!

Sibling Discount: 5% off/ Child
siblings must be signed up for same session


Ages 21+
August 22th - August 25th
Thursday - Sunday
Located in Nottingham, NH
Art and Adulting - A Grown-up Getaway in the Woods


Session 1:
June 3rd - June 7th
School of Dreams

What wonders live in the worlds we dream? What if there were a place to learn how to map and travel through your dreamworld? This week we explore our dreamscapes and weave them together to create a world filled with enchantment and possibility. Wander through the house of flying. Create dream sidekicks to help you through the strange and beautiful. Find friends, develop powers, and uncover the hidden magic of our sleeping world. Welcome to the School of Dreams.

Session 2:
June 10th - June 14th
Survive in the Wild: Ecosystems and Diversity

During this session we will practice primal skills and learn new ways to relate with the natural world. Weather permitting, we build fires, shelters, practice archery, knife skills, and perhaps field trip into the mountains. We will listen to and feel the forest, allowing time to be wild and time for quiet reflection. We focus on the importance of diversity in a healthy ecosystem. In addition to identifying various plants and animals in our environment, we explore the relationships among these species and play with bringing them into a human space.


*On certain days during this session, children are allowed to bring pocket, camping, and whittling knives to camp. These are “checked” in the morning. A teacher will distribute them when we are practicing knife skills and then collect them again until the end of the day.

Session 3:
June 17th - June 21st

This session is currently waitlisted.

Free Flyers: Witches and Potions

We are so excited to be collaborating with Fly Mile High Trapeze once again! During this week of camp each camper will field trip one day to the trapeze rig in Westminster. Explore that feeling of excitement as you climb the trapeze ladder and swing over the giant net. We will also play in the woods on the aerial silks, swinging and whooshing through the air. Help us build sky puppets, cast spells, build giant nests and make bubbling potions. This session is all about magic and flying - the creatures that do it and the humans that find a way. 

Note: We will not be holding camp on Wednesday, June 19th for Juneteenth. We do have childcare options available. Please reach out for more information. The price for this week is the same as other weeks to account for the additional cost of high flying trapeze. 

Session 4:
June 24th - June 28th
Survive in the Wild: Listening to the Trees
and Fly Mile High in Westminster

If trees could talk, what stories would they tell? What can we learn from organisms that turn starlight into wood? In this session we let the trees be our guides. Come build forts, play in the trees and listen. Along with learning about their magic and uses in survival situations, we will also learn primal skills such as archery, how to handle camping knives, shelter-building, plant identification, fire building, and campfire cooking (weather permitting).


*On certain days during this session, children are allowed to bring pocket, camping, and whittling knives to camp. These are “checked” in the morning. A teacher will distribute them when we are practicing knife skills and then collect them again until the end of the day.

Session 5:
July 15th - July 19th
Light Monsters and Shadow Puppets

Long ago, when the great beings of the sun escaped, the shadows came together to help protect our world. In this session we start from this seed of a story and help it grow. We build worlds, explore creation myths and weave our own. What gifts live in the darkness? Why are we afraid of the dark and what can we learn from it? Come play with light and shadow to create a circus spectacular with acrobatics, puppets, juggling, face paint and costumes.


Activities include: aerial arts, juggling, stilt walking, puppetry, costuming, face-painting, performance art and lots of time in nature

Session 6:
July 22nd - July 26th
The Great Storycamp Heist

Get ready for an epic quest. In this session we will plan to take back the hidden secrets of a forgotten world. Make your way through obstacle courses, travel through time, decipher codes, find hidden keys, and gather clues through scavenger hunts! We will find our treasure and then challenge our parents to try and navigate our circusy labyrinth, follow our maps and take it. 


Session 1:
August 5th - August 9th
Once Upon a Circus and Other Dangerous Stories
Located in Nottingham, NH

Storycamp is back and we are excited to bring circus to the woods again! This session join us for swimming, hiking, aerial, archery, puppet-making, cooking and of course, a weird and wonderful original performance at the end of the week. Become the story.

Session 2:
August 12th - August 16th
Our World, Party Time, Excellent!!
Located in Nottingham, NH

This is our time to throw the most epic party! Celebrate the end of summer with a Storycamp carnival. Let's work together to create something beautiful. What makes a good party? Enjoy all of our usual Storycamp wonder - circus art, survival skills, art, dancing, games, swimming, and share it with our friends. This session will end with a performance and potluck celebration from 3-5. 

This session is currently waitlisted.
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