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Storycamp Tenets of Teaching

1. Don’t try to teach anything.

2. Be kind.

3. Continuously remember it’s not about you.

4. Listen.

5. Ask permission before offering information unless it is asked for.

6. Make sure whatever you’re doing is fun for you.

7. Have an organized plan that you can (and probably will) sacrifice.

8. Trust children.

9. Let them play alone.

10. Use moments of frustration as opportunities to let go and look at yourself.

11. Ask for help when you need it.

12. Get excited about things that are beautiful to you.

13. Let them see you vulnerable.

14. Say yes more often than no.

15. Learn with them.

16. Let them teach each other.

17. Establish a strong container and hold it, so they know where they are and feel safe.

18. Get enough sleep.

19. Make fun of yourself.

20. Allow children to feel sad, lonely, confused, frustrated, angry, afraid.

21. Allow children to feel joyful, wild, excited, weird, mischievous, goofy.

22. Let them rest when they need to.

23. Say, “I don’t know,” when you don’t know.

24. Get messy sometimes.

25. Play in your body and encourage the same, especially when it’s embarrassing.

26. Forgive - the children and yourself.  Over and over again.

“It’s called Storycamp, so you think, ‘Oh nice, Storycamp, a nice camp for stories,’ but then you get here and you realize, ‘Woah this is Danger Camp!’”  - Jasper Howell

It is such an honor to work with your kids.  Thank you for trusting us and for being such amazing parents.  

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