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A Storycamp Dangercamp internship is a leadership opportunity for young people who are interested in our unique educational setting. An intern gets to work with kids alongside teachers, gaining a deeper understanding of a child-led curriculum. While experience in circus art/ theatre/ bushcraft is not necessary, we encourage interns to participate and bring their interests and stories to the activities that structure our week. Pay is $100/ week.


Responsibilities include:

  • Modeling positive camper behavior - i.e. picking up after oneself, using kind language, bringing a “yes and” attitude to collaborative activities

  • Helping set up on Monday and breakdown on Friday

  • Helping bring equipment to and from the cottonwoods

  • Encouraging/ reaching out to children who may need some extra support in group activities 

  • Helping get certain activities going such as improv games and collaborative storytelling

  • Modeling safe approaches to activities, especially those with an element of risk

  • Interns are asked to participate in our staff trainings with the exception of online trainings

  • Interns are NOT expected nor do we want them to take any disciplinary action with campers

  • Interns are expected to attend the full session(s), for which they have applied, but do not need to attend every session

  • Interns may be asked to arrive early on some days (usually Monday) and stay later to help with clean up (usually Friday)


The role of an intern is to support campers and teachers and have fun while doing so. If this role is not being fulfilled or if conflict between an intern and a camper/ teacher becomes an ongoing challenge, the internship will be terminated without pay.


To apply, please email with a few paragraphs outlining why you would be a good candidate!

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