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Want to be a CIT?

If you are interested in becoming a CIT (counselor in training) in Colorado, please apply! Write a paragraph about what you have enjoyed at Storycamp and why you would like to be a counselor in training. Include the sessions in which you are interested. Send applications to You should hear back from us within a week. We process applications as we receive them so people can plan for the summer. Apply sooner than later! We accept up to 3 CITs per session and prefer the following:

  • You are age 12 or older.

  • You have attended Storycamp 

  • During that time with us, you have been encouraging with peers, a positive force, and have been happy to participate in activities.


If chosen as a CIT, camp rate is discounted: $400/ week 

Applications (as well as any other questions) can be sent to

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