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While each session has a specific theme, we always offer circus arts, lots of time outside, visual art and space to work on a collaborative performance at the end of the week. Storycamp is a child-directed program; when kids are especially excited about something, their interest helps shape the curriculum. 


Aftercare is available until 5PM for an additional $10/HR




Grades Entering 2nd - 7th (Ages 7-12)

June 10th - July 19th (No camp July 2nd - 6th)

Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 3:30

Located at Boulder Valley Waldorf School

$400/Week (No registration fees)

Sibling Discount: 5% off per child


Girls Ages 10-13 

June 30th - July 2nd

Location TBD




Ages 9-14

August 1st - August 3rd

Location TBD



Ages 8-14 

August 5th - August 23rd

Monday - Friday, 9 - 3

Located in Nottingham, NH




Session 1:
June 10th - June 14th
Wilderness Survival in the Wild West

This is a chance for children to build their relationship with nature through story and role play. Our setting is the Wild West and here we will learn about our environment and practice basic bushcraft skills. Activities include scavenger hunts, shelter construction, fire-building, plant and animal identification, injury treatment and prevention, archery, knife skills and knot tying. At the end of the week, come visit the Storycamp Saloon, enjoy a stiff Sarsaparilla and witness firsthand demonstrations of important skills necessary to survive in the Wild West.

Session 2:
June 17th - June 21st
Circus As You Like It

During this week the children will be introduced to a number of circus skills; aerial dance, partner acrobatics, juggling, stilt-walking, unicycle and clowning. Along with opportunities to cook throughout the week, kids collaborate to produce wonderful spectacle-driven circus acts. We also practice hospitality, inviting friends and family to enjoy a culmination of our culinary efforts with the original performance.  

Session 3:
June 24th - June 28th
Rock and Roll Story-amp

Ever dreamed of bringing art to life through animation, directing a movie, playing with sounds and music to tell a story? Here kids get to do all three, working together to make music videos! This session we have opportunities to use puppetry, stop-motion animation, story-boarding, set-building, dance, and foley art to create a piece that is musical and story-rich. Kids have ample time outside to build their sets and incorporate any of the circus art or survival skills we have practiced throughout the summer.

Girls' Overnight
June 30th - July 2nd
Wild at Heart
Location TBD 

This is an opportunity for girls to connect and build confidence in nature. Our first day will include lessons in fire-building/ tending, tent set-up, appropriate packing, knot-tying, navigating, plant identification, and basic first aid. We have opportunities for building a temporary shelter, understanding water purification, reading a compass as well as camp cooking. No experience is necessary, all levels are welcome.

Session 4:
July 8th - July 12th
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 2.28.34 PM.jpg
Circus Scientists

Children are the scientists, inventors, and solution makers to questions that arise after the discovery of a new planet. Much like ours, this newly discovered world faces challenges in the immediate future. This is a playful and innovative session, encouraging kids to observe and connect with the environment around us so that we may better understand the other. At the end of the week we will have a scientific fashion show where kids strut the cat walk, showcasing inventions intended to maintain the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

Session 5:
July 15th - July 19th
Mission Survival: Choose Your Adventure

While other sessions include role play, here we delve deep into an imaginary universe. Drawing from Dungeons and Dragons, incorporating live action role play, campers get to build and story complex characters. Together, we embark on a journey of skill and strategy, exploring heroism and challenging the understanding of villain. It’s choose your own adventure with team-building, map-making, circus art, bushcraft and puppet-making. Kids collaborate to complete a grand mission. At the end of the week, campers invite families for an interactive theater game of their design.


Overnight Trip
August 1st - August 3rd
Overnight Camping Trip
Location TBD 

While all our sessions introduce aspects of bushcraft and survival skills, this is a chance to connect with nature practice them. Our first day will include an orientation at camp headquarters, including lessons in fire-building/ tending, tent set-up, appropriate packing, knot-tying, navigating, plant identification, and basic first aid. We will leave for our backpacking adventure the next morning and have three days in the woods to practice these skills plus opportunities for building a temporary shelter, understanding water purification, reading a compass as well as camp cooking. No experience is necessary, all levels are welcome.

Session 6:
August 5th - August 9th
Junkyard Theater
Located in Nottingham, NH

In this session we use what is around us - re-imagine refuse and transform the leftover pieces of day to day life into art and performance. We discuss a changing environment and incorporate improvisation to generate ideas and help us work with leftover building materials. Kids learn building techniques, use tools, assemble a theater set with limited materials, create costumes, and collaborate on a performance piece to share with family and friends.

Session 7:
August 12th - August 16th
Circus As You Like It
Located in Nottingham, NH

Become part of our circus troop when we design a performance that is served alongside a homemade feast. Kids get a chance to experiment in the kitchen and with choreography. They learn creative hospitality as they design a menu and a performance to share with parents and the community. Puppetry, clowning, aerial dance, juggling, unicycling, partner acrobatics, and cooking. 

Session 8:
August 19th - August 23rd
Movie Making
Located in Nottingham, NH

Here we investigate our surroundings, find inspiration in the environment, and explore the different ways in which to interact with it. After a few days of observing the light, sound, and (of course) the joy we find playing in the woods and water, we introduce the camera. Kids learn stop-motion animation, live action film-making, and foley art to build a story and make a movie. Get ready for a dress-to-the-nines film festival at the end of this session.

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