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Katrina Pratt (Miss Pratt)

Storycamp Director

Growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, Katrina’s education was lovingly supplemented with the wisdom of trees, newts and the freedom to move and explore in nature.  She received her B.A. from the University of Colorado in Medical Anthropology and Dance.  She has been working with children for nearly twenty years and began teaching in 2005. She has broadened her experience with children to include storytelling through circus art and puppetry.  


She recently traveled to India and Bali to study theater traditions, yoga and Ayurveda.  Before that she lived in Brooklyn, NY working with a circus as a puppeteer and aerialist.  In addition to being the director of Storycamp, Katrina teaches movement at Shepherd Valley Waldorf school.  She has been practicing massage therapy for ten years and incorporates her knowledge of the body and somatic processing into her educational work. She makes time for hiking, foraging for edible plants and mushrooms, climbing trees, and writing.  She takes great pleasure in sharing meals with people, especially when it is coupled with a fancy game of dress-up.  


Since 2010 she has co-organized an annual circus, music and arts festival in New Hampshire, giving kids the opportunity to engage in dynamic scavenger hunts, impromptu performances and games of all sorts! It was during these festivals that she began to truly recognize the incredible value in inviting children to share their and stories and tell them in creative, embodied ways.  She and Audra, our other wonderful camp leader and festival collaborator, have worked together for three years to build stories and bring them to life.

Audra Brandt (Oddest)

Storycamp Director

Audra Brandt grew up in the magical suburbs of Kansas City with three brothers and a neighborhood full of playful collaborators. Through spending a large majority of her childhood building zip lines, obstacle courses, performances and art installations with and for the community, she developed a deep appreciation for the art of collaboration.  In 2007 Audra graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in performance and film making.  Since then her work has been exhibited at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and galleries across the U.S., Canada and Europe.  For the past 15 years she has taught animation, theater and puppetry in Kansas City, Baltimore, Columbus and Brooklyn, where she met and began working with Katrina Pratt.  Audra is very excited about creating wild and magical worlds with the campers at Shepard Valley Waldorf School this summer!

Katie Miller (Sprinkle Queen)

Storycamp Teacher

Bio coming soon!

Irene Leary (Lady Stardust)

Storycamp Teacher

Bio Coming Soon!

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