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Tortoise Spider

We love spiders - all kinds - and this tortoise spider is a new discovery for us. Part of the family of orb-weavers, Aranidae, the tortoise spider lives in the Amazonian basin of South America.  We are currently making a costume inspired by its orange and white “shell.”

Blanket Octopus

The blanket octopus is strikingly beautiful - the female’s large membranes spreading out behind her, billowing in the water.  It reminds us of the aerial fabric blowing in the wind.  Maybe this summer we can put together an octopus routine!


Pangolins are the only known mammals with protective keratin scales covering their bodies.  With Dr. Adventure on our team, we are wondering if we can design some super-hero armor that resembles this nocturnal bug-eater.

Mermaid Cat

This aqua-mamal  is native to the swampy Floridian backyards near the Weeki Wachee region.  Mermaid Cats mostly live in the water, but shore up twice a year on October 31st and April 1st.  

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